oh, the blood of jesus. // it washes white as snow.

today and yesterday as the snow was falling, these lyrics kept coming to me. oh the blood of jesus. it washes white as snow. i began thinking about what these words really meant, then it hit me. these aren’t just lyrics that we song—this is telling us that no matter what happens, the blood of jesus washes over us and makes us whole again.

when jesus died for us, he died so that we may be forgiven of our sins. isaiah 53:5 (kjv) says, But he [was] wounded for our transgressions, [he was] bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace [was] upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. the last part of the verse is what i want to focus on today. “with his stripes we are healed.” those stripes he bore for us was so the we could be healed.

in the winter, the trees are bare and the ground is barren. but then the snow comes and makes it beautiful again. all that had been hard to look at, turns to something that we love to see. it is just like christ to turn something that seems bad, into something so beautiful. so, although you may be sick or hurting, good will come out of it. his healing power will flow into you because he died for you.

a word that comes to me when i think about healing is restoration. he restores us when we are at our weakest. he takes us to our lowest of lows, just to bring us back up again. in these seasons of darkness, we sometimes feel like giving up, but if we will persevere, he will help us through it.

my prayer this week is that those who feel like giving up will keep going and remember that jesus died for our healing and our sins. i thank the lord that though we may have to go through tough times, he’s always there to pulls us out.


count your blessings.

this week, as we all know, is the first week of 2017. the other day, as i was scrolling through instagram, i came across a post. the post was a picture of a jar with small pieces of paper beside it, and it read “at the end of each week, write one good thing that happened and place it in the jar. at the end of 2017, open the jar and look at how good your 2017 was.”

i immediately thought, isn’t this such as great idea? but then i began thinking, a jar cannot contain all of the blessings that happen to me in 2017. we are blessed with so many things that we overlook everyday, and take for granted. everyday, we are blessed with waking up and having food to eat. we are blessed with air to breathe and water to drink. if we all would take a reality check and look at how great our lives really are with all that the lord has blessed us with, we would all be amazed.

something else that popped out to me this week was the word “savor.” i have this book called cultivate by jonathan & melissa helser—which you should totally check out if you have not yet—and while i was reading this week, there was a section about savoring the moments in our life. this hit me hard because too many times do we let days go by without taking a moment to just sit back and savor what is happening around us.

every moment that we are on earth is filled with blessings. so if we learn to savor the moments of time in our everyday lives, we will realize all of the great things the lord has done for us.

with that being said, i propose that this year we all savor the bits of time that we have here on earth. and by doing this, we will learn to count our blessings one by one.

my first blog post. // please enjoy.

i honestly don’t know why, but today i felt the need to start a blog. i don’t know what this will lead to, but i guess we will see.

this is the first post of my blog, yes i know it does not look like much, but i’m hoping that in the future god will speak through me to each of you.

if you’re currently reading this, thank you. i guess i will write something more worth reading soon.

have a good day,

logan banks